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The Truth of Small Steps

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As part of our periodic interview series, we bring you an interview with Jim Greenwood. Download audio file.

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Jim Greenwood

About Jim  (from his website)

Hi, my name is Jim Greenwood.

Just scratching the visible surface … I was born and raised in Southern California … started my first business when I was 14 … graduated from USC with a major in finance and a minor in sociology … been married for 35 years … have four adult kids (oxymoron?) … started and sold successful businesses … retired twice (the first time to be with my young and growing family) …chaired not-for-profit … traveled the US and the world … received a black belt in Hap Ki Do/Tai Kwon Do … and so much more.

The common denominator of it all has been personal change.

Tossly comes from reviewing my years of change, and that of the people who have changed around me. In exploring that change I’ve identified valuable processes and tools that anyone can use as an ally in change, when it’s wanted, in any area it’s needed. It is those ideas and concepts that Tossly now shares.

I wish you all the best and look forward to meeting you.

Have Fun, Jim

Although this interview was recorded over a year ago,  the wisdom Jim shared in still relevant. Thank you Jim!