David Barnhart, Director of the Aerospace Technology & Systems Center (ISI) and Assoc Director, Space Engineering Research Center (USC) has graciously offered to host the next Meet Up.

Wed. April 7, 2010.
6:30 pm

Outline of evening
David Barnhart, the Director at the Aerospace Technology & Systems Center at USC’s I.S.T. will be our host for the evening and will show us what space initiatives they are involved. We will also have the opportunity to tour the the lunar lander lab and the Satellite integration facility. Both are at the building where the Meet UP will be hosted.

U.S.C's LEAPFROG (second hover)

U.S.C’s I.S.I

Please note that the lab portion of the evening will be open only to U.S. citizens since parts of this facility are under ITAR control.


You can park across the street on Mindanao in the public parking ($5 flat rate), down at Burton Chace park and walk (free during the week), or they can pay the higher rates in the parking structure between the two buildings (max up to $15). It is possible to park across the street at Ralphs, however it is not recommended, unknown if they check at night etc.

U.S.C's I.S.I




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