July 2008

This group,Americans in Orbit-50 Years, Inc, is the first we’ve seen that’s trying to recreate a historical launch.


Our friend, Michael Potter, is releasing a new documentary about a group of individuals who attempted to lease the Mir space station.


(Source: Florida Today)
“As the salmonella scare worsens and Florida’s tomato industry suffers, SPACEHAB Inc. and its partners are preparing to ask the Food and Drug Administration’s permission to conduct human tests of a salmonella vaccine developed partly in space. On the past two shuttle missions, several strains of salmonella were used to attack microscopic worms. The bacteria becomes more virulent in space, and the experiment helped researchers shorten the process of deciding which salmonella strain was right to make the vaccine.”

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Check out I Could Be which is an organization that helps ‘at risk’ teens towards at careers has created a new alliance with the California Space Authority. It’s imperative to work with kids if California and the U.S. wants to remain a leader in the space industry.

Thelink for the mentoring porta is It is icouldbe.org/csew

Please also check out our inventory of all STEM (SCIENCE, Technology, Engineering, and Math)programs in California.www.csewi.org/stem


(Source: New Mexico Spaceport Authority Press Release)

LAS CRUCES, NM – The New Mexico Spaceport Authority’s (NMSA) new web site greets visitors
with a sleek, modern and intuitive interface that reflects the technologically advanced mission of
Spaceport America. Visitors are greeted by an appropriately space-themed welcome page that allows
them to easily navigate through a wealth of information and resources concerning Spaceport
America, including launch videos, a tour of the spaceport, podcasts, and an online merchandise
store. The site can viewed at www.SpaceportAmerica.com.

NMSA wants to provide the most up-to-date news and the latest information on construction,
launches, and progress at Spaceport America. Visitors to the site can also view a historical overview
and virtual tour of the facility. NMSA Executive Director Steven Landeene will also host a blog,
presenting an inside look at spaceport operations in the upcoming months.
Landeene calls the website, “Part of our ongoing mission to keep the public informed about
Spaceport America developments.” The website also offers visitors opportunities to become
involved with this historical endeavor through donations.

Spaceport America is the nation’s first purpose-built commercial space facility. Working together
with Virgin Galactic, Lockheed Martin, and UP Aerospace, Spaceport America holds great
promise for New Mexico’s economic future. The terminal and hangar facility are scheduled for
completion by 2010.

Visit  www.SpaceportAmerica.com