• Retro space tourism posters.
  • Sir Richard Branson on Elon Musk (Space X), advice for British Petroleum, and Virgin’s interest in alternative fuels.
  • “If you could integrate any resource, gadget, or convenience on your Virgin America airplanes, what would it be, regardless of whether it’s been invented or not?”  A contest question to submitted to Sir Richard Branson by Marvin Arias. See  Sir Richard’s answer below.

Since Science-Fiction  is still an  inspiration for many space enthusiasts, I thought the pics on the Sci Fi Air Show website might be worth sharing.

Space in the mainstream:

Source: Trevor Wyse
Saturday, April 10th, 2010
10 Year Anniversary Celebration of …

The World Space Party
Human Spaceflight became a reality 45 years ago with the launch of a
bell-shaped capsule called “Vostok 1.” The capsule was carrying Soviet
Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who took his place in history as the first human to
leave the bounds of Earth and enter outer space.  This year over 100 parties
in 36 countries are joining together to celebrate this historic event. Click
here to see the events from around the world:

KILOWATTS – Live  (mothership, thoughtless, harmonious discord, PA)
QUADE – Live EP Release Set (bartek, bim tim, ball of waxx)
BRIAN SEED (moontribe, ball of wax, everytone)
JOHN KELLEY (ball of waxx)
ALIGNING MINDS – Live  (aleph zero, transistor, boltfish, DC)
THE GREAT MUNDANE  – Live  (run riot, psymbolic, Chicago)

Art Gallery curated by Michael Divine & Jimmy Bleyer:
Live paint & bodyart by Michael & Violet Divine:
Atmosphere’s by Adam Christoff & Blooming Sakura
Altars by Electric Cocoon
Raw Food by Living Art
Photo Booth by:
Tea Lounge by Om Shan Tea
Reiki Massage by Margot

$15 before 11pm – $20 after
10% of proceeds go to benefit the Temple of Visions art gallery
10pm til 5am
21 and over
Turbo Sound

*Space Station*
Area 33
11822 Teale St.
Culver City, 90230
Google Map:


KILOWATTS  (mothership, thoughtless, harmonious discord, PA)
James Watts is the mind behind KiloWatts and his many different projects and
styles. His first album  “Ground State” released on Native State Records,
home to fellow pioneers Bluetech and Shen.  It’s a collection of sweaty
psychedelic downtempo grooves, churning molasses-thick basslines, and
undulating synthetic sonorous mandalas,  a whirlwind of mindblowing digital
wizardry in the form of glitches and edits. His fluency in piano is evident
throughout his work which embraces the bulk of electronic genres including
breaks, idm,  downtempo and techno…
Interview with Kilowatts:

QUADE  (bartek, bim tim, ball of waxx)
***Celebrating the release of The QUADE Ep
Quade is mid-tempo dancefloor madness from the twisted minds of DJ’s Bartek
and Bim Tim, combining influences from breakbeat, dub, electro, hip hop, and
IDM. Bartek and Bim Tim’s musical chemistry was formed while rocking LA’s
underground music scene as members of Rootabreaka. During their live
-performance QUADE provides true entertainment with live scratching,
sampling, FX processing, on the fly mash-ups, and fluid mixing of their
original music. Look for QUADE’s new EP from Ball Of Waxx records on Itunes,
Addictech, and Beatport.

BRIAN SEED (moontribe, ball of wax, Everytone)
Brian Seed has built an international following over many years behind the
decks, from Moontribe desert parties to clubs and festivals around the
world, spinning breaks, acid house, trance, tribal, and progressive techno.
His sound is never pinned down to one style, but his ear is unique and dj
sets are unlike anyone else- often breaking down musical boundaries. He’s
also an accomplished music producer, sound designer, mixer, music supervisor
and composer for TV, films, video games and commercials, and is currently
working on a new studio album.

JOHN KELLEY (ball of waxx)
One of Moontribe’s original DJs, John initially made a name for himself as a
tribal breakbeat maven.  A heavy hitter in the global DJ circuit, touring
with Crystal Method and Orbital as their official DJ, John has earned his
badge over the years as an underground trendsetter. His tastes and talents
range across the BPM scale from tribal house and techno to hard psychedelic
breakbeat and uplifting progressive sounds and all the way down to ambient
and funky downtempo. Integrating all of these tastes with his DJ intuition,
John brings a unique sensitivity to electronic music. He knows how to move
the mind, body and soul.

ALIGNING MINDS  (aleph zero, transistor, boltfish, DC)
The Aligning Minds sound is melodic and bass heavy. It’s emotionally charged
future music that rides on hypnotic breakbeats, infectious basslines, dubby
soundscapes, and idm experimentation for one to dance or lounge to. They’ve
collaborated and performed with and alongside artists as varied as Edit,
OTT, Shen, Ana Cia, Kilowatts, Phuture Primitive, AMD and the list
continues. They are currently working on a full length album for Aleph Zero
Recordings and an EP for Native State Records.

THE GREAT MUNDANE (run riot, psymbolic, Chicago)
Shaped by a “Do It Yourself” culture, Jeffrey Acciaioli was driven by his
love of music to create the moniker The Great Mundane at first to only
satisfy himself. His broad range of favorites and training allow us to enjoy
his “one of a kind” sound that is anything but mundane. The twisting
textures, catchy drum whips, and unique soundscapes leave us with a melodic
collage that is unlike anything we’ve heard before. first introduced into
the Chicago music scene before taking his passion and energy nation wide,
international ears were soon falling upon his unique sounds and requesting
his talents.  The Great Mundane worked with Belladonna Records to release
two EP’s and shortly thereafter signed as an artist to release his debut
album “When Falls Arrive” with Psymbolic-sounds.

The World Space Party

Yuri's Night 2010: San Francisco Bay Area

Message from a Bay Area Yuri’s night participant Sam Coniglio,

Once again, Yuri’s Night has returned to NASA Ames.  It’s a huge event, even looks…mainstream:

My friends from Robogames will be there demoing their robots.  Also SpaceBridge, a San Francisco-based hacker collective, will show off their low cost launch system.

This year YNBA is also teaming up with the Conrad Innovation Summit, which is promoting innovation in space tech with high school kids.  They have a rock star collection of speakers, including Richard Garriott and Anousheh Ansari!  Oh yeah, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, will be there.  Check out the schedule here:

YNBA Schedule:
Education Focus Day
(FREE for Bay Area students)

Multimedia Festival Day

Oh yeah, I’m also doing a little speech on Saturday at 1pm.  Maybe you can stop by and say hello.


Below are links to favorite photos from last year’s New York City Yuri’s Night party in a Picasa album:
There were  shot by my  event producer Emilia Sixtensson of Events by E.     good quick edited video
opening with Flynn, then Jedi battles, dancing (Elizabeth in high hair and
black corset), and My Robot Friend at 2009 party:  with music 2009 Space
Fashion Show at Waldorf Astoria, curated by Misuzu Onuki of Space Frontier
Elizabeth Kennick, Producer
Larisa (2009 coproducer)
Flynn: NY Jedi Master, coproducer
Guy Watson (guest, costumer)
NY Jedi battle
Planet Spandexia (costumers)
My Robot Friend (performer)

Source: UK Mail Online

One giant leap for toy kind: Buzz Lightyear was first on the moon, say one in ten schoolchildren

Check out this fun, flash site NASA set up called NASA @ Home and City version 2.o

NASA @Home and City Version 2.0

NASA Scientists Plan To Approach Girl By 2018 

Over the weekend, I was in San Diego participating in Space Up, the first space themed unconference. Enjoy the following enthusisatic talk about why Space is Boring.

Over the coming days, there will probably be batches of videos made available from the event.

This past weekend,  BIL took  place in Long Beach, California. It describes itself as an “unconference for people changing the world in big ways. It’s a place for passionate people to come together to energize, brainstorm, and take action”( BIL website).

Steve Jurvetson @ BIL Conference on 2/12/10 in Long Beach, California

Steve Jurvetson shares his love of rockets

Venture Capitalist Steve Jurvetson gave the first talk Friday morning on his passion for model rocketry. Jurvetson is a venture capitalist whose firm invested in companies like Hotmail, SpaceX, and Tesla Motors.
What we need are individuals like Steve Jurvetson.  Individuals who bring with them the scientific wherewithal to rationally judge NewSpace (or as Hoyt Davidson of NearEarth LLC calls it, “SmartSpace”) and have the credibility, enthusiasm and capital to take actions.  They are not interested in paper rockets or powerpoint planetary exploration.  They behave — as Michael Mealling of Masten Space advises young space enthusiasts — in the way of the Wright Brothers: building with their hands, getting the cuts, and the grime, and sweating beneath the burning sun of Blackrock, Mojave or Kittyhawk, those remote places sans Starbuck’s complacency…those unpleasant conditions where aviation was born, where ‘NewSpace’ or ‘SmartSpace’ will flourish.

Jurvetson’s enthusiasm for rocketry is not feigned.  As I observed his latest BIL presentation  (a variation on one I’d seen previously at TED), I realized that this dude loves rockets.  Just like we all did as kids — that strange tinge of pyromania that we’re all born with.  Wanting to see GI Joe figures, white plastic buckets, or whatever we could find in our sister’s toy drawers shot into the space above our roofs.  Or even those stupid little plastic army guys with the string and cellophane parachutes.  Chucking them up until inevitably they got caught in tree branches leaving us forlorn.

I wonder why there are so few Steve Jurvetson-types out there — interested in the financial potential as well as the sheer excitement of rocketry — and not afraid to publicaly display this inner-geek-child to whoever will give him the time.  Mr. Jurvetson is a rare bird but one whose flock I hope soon will fly alongside…

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Source: The Onion

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL—NASA officials announced today the successful launch of the new shuttle Moonage Daydream, marking the beginning of a long-anticipated two-week conceptual mission inspired by British rock star David Bowie.

According to NASA administrator Maj. Gen. Charles F. Bolden, Jr., the highly experimental glam space program—dubbed Project Starman—has been in development for exactly five years. Though engineers initially feared the mission might “blow our minds,” the historic launch ultimately proceeded without incident.

“Admittedly, this is a very bold and risky departure for the agency,” said Bolden, later adding that Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust period and other outer-space-related work has been a major influence on NASA’s direction since the early 1970s. “Those familiar with NASA’s previous, more conventional research and exploration sensibilities are going to be in for quite a shock. Many are likely to be confused and threatened by the boundary-pushing nature of the project.”

“This mission certainly isn’t for everyone,” Bolden added.

NASA chief engineer Mike Ryschkewitsch said that Moonage Daydream differs from earlier shuttle models in several significant ways. Though the overall shape is similar to previous crafts, the exterior of the $4.5 billion vehicle has been fitted with improved shielding, making it better equipped to withstand the hazy cosmic jive.

In addition to the shuttle redesign, several other daring changes have been made to NASA’s equipment. According to Ryschkewitsch, the astronauts, or “spaceboys,” as they will be called during the mission, are equipped with state-of-the-art pressurized suits.

“These new suits are veneered with a protective silver lamé to complement the multicolored lightning bolts emblazoned across the helmets’ sun visors,” Ryschkewitsch said. “They’ve also been updated with several improved components to ensure the team is completely safe when it’s time to leave the capsule—if they dare.”

The five-member crew is made up entirely of United States Air Force officers and includes Maj. Tom Louis, Maj. Tom Greely, Maj. Tom Ohweiler, Maj. Thomas Sinclair, and Maj. Tom Keenan.

While the mission will primarily study paranoia, decadence, and the fluidity of sexual identity in a zero-gravity environment, additional scientific testing will be conducted during the shuttle’s 14-day orbit of Earth.

“One of the experiments we’re most excited about will address the effects of Mars-like conditions on several different species of arachnids,” NASA biologist Norman Stern said.

Public response to the project has been generally positive. Many Americans, however, consider the mission an egotistical and self-indulgent waste of taxpayer money.

“I just don’t see this launch having any sort of lasting influence on future space exploration,” St. Louis attorney Kevin Moran said. “Certainly NASA has to take risks to further mankind’s knowledge, but this mission is simply too ambitious in scope to sustain mainstream interest.”

Added Moran, “It’s pretty out there.”

Though NASA has defended the importance of Project Starman, it has reportedly scrapped a T. Rex–inspired mission named Project Interstellar Soul, saying that the launch of the zinc-alloy probe Venus Loon was made laughably irrelevant by the current program.

For pics and original article go here.

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