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Each day, Asia becomes a more important on the global stage, and space could be one act that Asian countries will want to participate more in.

Vietnam to Launch Second Man-Made Satellite in 2012 (Source: Xinhua)
Vietnam will launch the country’s second man-made satellite in 2012, local newspaper the New Hanoi reported Friday. This is an important plan which was included in the strategy of research and application of space technology to 2020 of the country, said the newspaper. The satellite, called VNREDSat-1, is of small size and low orbit. It will be used to monitor and take picture of the earth surface of different sizes and types and provide those pictures to centers gathering earth-surface satellite pictures. (6/12)

South Korea Completes Spaceport for Rocket Launch (Source:
South Korea has completed a spaceport which will be used to send a satellite into orbit from its own territory for the first time, officials said. A ceremony is planned for the opening of the Naro Space Center in Goheung, 475 kilometers (300 miles) south of Seoul. The centre, which cost $250 million, will on July 30 launch the KSLV-1 rocket, which will put a satellite into orbit. The rocket, which cost 502.5 billion won, will be the first space vehicle launched from South Korean soil. Its Russian-built first-stage thruster will arrive next week. Russia also helped design the launch pad. South Korean engineers built the rocket’s second stage and the satellite. (6/10)


Call for Papers 2009

The Call for Abstracts for this year’s IAC, to be held in Daejeon, Korea, opened on 12 November 2008 and closes on 2 March 2009.

Space Olympics Brought to Life?

Space Olympics Brought to Life?

And I thought “M*&#$ing Space Olympics” was just an SNL sketch with
Andy Samburg.

China recently overtook Germany as the third largest economy in the
.  And, if you hadn’t noticed, they are at Japan’s and, *ahem*
the red, white, and blue’s door.  They may have a financial meltdown of
their own in the years to come but one thing is for certain: CHINA

Peter J. Brown of the Asia Times Online agrees.  See his article:
Sky’s the limit for space tourism in China

PS – Having recently flown from Hong Kong to SFO on a 15-hour non-stopper next to an ill Vietnamese lady who dry heaved the entire trip, I would love to see a point-to-point 1-hour Pacific puddle-jump within my life…