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LAS CRUCES, NM – The New Mexico Spaceport Authority (NMSA) will be issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) on July 12 seeking bids for a contractor to provide regular sightseeing tours of the Spaceport America facilities and construction jobsite to the public. The NMSA wants to start regular weekend tour service as early as September 1, 2010. Prospective bidders are encouraged to obtain details from the RFP section of the spaceport website at
Presently, members of the public can sign up for “Hard Hat Tours” of Spaceport America online at These tours are provided on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Under the proposed RFP, tours will be conducted every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with clearly defined operational schedules. NMSA Executive Director Rick Homans said, “These tours are unique in that they provide extraordinary public access to an active construction site. By following safety constraints and working with the contractors, visitors can watch as Spaceport America takes shape.”
For more Spaceport America RFP/ITB information, please consult the General Services Department, New Mexico State Purchasing Division website at:

Construction of Spaceport America is proceeding as scheduled. Since construction began in August 2009, more than 600 construction jobs have been created, with more on the way. Spaceport America has been working closely with leading aerospace firms such as Virgin Galactic, Lockheed Martin, Moog- FTS, and UP Aerospace to develop commercial spaceflight at the new facility. The launches, tourism and construction at the spaceport are already delivering on the promise of economic impact to the people of New Mexico.
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A former Michigan auto worker bailed on Motor City(i.e. Detroit)  to purse  Space Dreams in New Mexico. I think it’s awesome that this individual took a chance to pursue his dream. I wish him well.

Kentucky based Space space start-up Nanoracks ” flew its second payload on STS-132″ which is currently docked at the Space Station  according to David Anderman, spokesperson for Nanoracks, LLC. Nanoracks develops  research modules to  be used  for space research on the Station.*Nanoracks was featured on 62MileClub’s April 7th video and blog.

It’s a coup for any company to have a payload on one of the last shuttle flights Nanoracks on the previous one along with the current one. Nanoracks is trailblazer in pioneering access to the International Space Station.

*Source: From Constellation Services’ David Anderman

As an  FYI, Nanoracks LLC, a NewSpace company, flew its second payload on STS-132. This new payload, identical to the first Nanoracks module flown on STS-131, will be installed inside the International Space Station over the next few days. Each Nanoracks host module can accommodate up to 16 CubeLab experiments, which utilize the CubeSat standard bus, making it easier for developers to access ISS for space research. Nanoracks, and its partner KentuckySpace, have sold 5 slots to commercial and educational users aboard ISS, with several more potential customers in the pipeline.

Source: OSC

The Office of Space Commercialization (OSC) at the U.S. Department of Commerce is currently seeking qualified candidates to fulfill a student internship in the area of space commerce policy. The internship is fulltime and unpaid. Academic credit may be arranged.

Masten Space System’s Michael Mealling wrote a great piece on ‘advice to graduates on getting into aerospace.’ You could translate aspects of this advice to other professions as well. Thank you Michael for all your contributions to New Space.

Michael Mealling is the VP of Business Development at Masten Space Systems and Board Member at Space Frontier Foundation. His personal blog, Rocketforge.

Jeff Foust of the New Space Journal reports on potential space related jobs that will be needed in the emerging space industry. Over the next few years, you are probably going to see companies like XCOR Aerospace, Virgin Galactic,and Space X, ramp up their operations. Could you imagine yourself working in the space industry. According to recent British report by Fast Future Research, the industry will also need tour guides and designers. I could easily imagine many other positions that will be needed for a robust commercial space industry. Let’s assume you are not a rocket scientist. What unique genius do you possess that might integrate or be of benefit to the space industry? As much as the space industry needs the techies, we will also need the marketing magicians, financial wizards, and ___________ (that could be people like YOU).

Your career 62Miles up ahead

Some of the first jobs that the emerging suborbital space industry might need according to the report by Fast Future Research.

  • Space pilots
  • Space Tour guides
  • Space architects

Space pilots, tour guides and architects With companies already promising space tourism, we will need space pilots and tour guides, as well as architects to design where they will live and work. Current projects at SICSA (University of Houston) include a greenhouse on Mars, lunar outposts and space exploration vehicles. Want to know more? Take a look at the story and career information about becoming a space pilot at (Fast Future Research, Science: So what? So Everything).

Possible Emergence as a Profession: 2015 A Day in the Life
Initial developments in space tourism will involve two to three hour sub-orbital flights. This will gradually develop into longer trips – possibly extending to flights lasting several days or weeks for a visit to an orbiting space station or a distant planet. On the day of each flight, pilots will undergo rigorous health and psychological checks to ensure they are fit to travel. The next stage will be an exhaustive visual and automated programme of technical and security checks with the engineering team. The passenger manifold will be discussed in detail with the entire in-flight crew to understand exactly who is on board. Space flight is likely to remain the domain of the very wealthy for some time to come – everyone will believe himself or herself to be a VIP!

The flight itself will be handled largely by autopilot for most of the journey but the pilot and co-pilot will need to be fully in command throughout the trip. Flight rosters will typically involve extensive rest periods during and after each trip. Even days off will include regular physical and mental strength exercises to ensure the pilot is able to deal with the stresses of frequent space travel.

SICSA currently offers the only Masters of Science in Space Architecture. SICSA explains that Space Architects, like their earthbound counterparts, must address ?the total built environment, not just its component elements and systems.? Hence designing solutions for space involves ?a broad understanding of the issues and requirements that impact overall planning and design success. Important considerations include: influences of unique conditions of the space environment upon construction processes and material options; physiological, psychological, and sociological impacts of isolation and stress; and human factors design issues associated with human adaptation and performance in weightless and partial-gravity habitats.?20 A space architect‘s customers could include governments, private developers, manufacturers and, in time, firms such as banks, hotel groups and retailers.

Space tour guides will draw on cosmology, astronomy, space science, geography, history and geology to help passengers get the most out of their journey. While the factual side of the tour is important, space guides also need to be excellent storytellers and imaginers to help inspire their charges and encourage them to experience the true awe of space travel. Regular tour guides will need to undergo a similar level of physical and mental preparation and testing as pilots before each trip.

(The shape of jobs to come, Possible New Careers Emerging from Advances in Science and Technology (2010 – 2030), Final Report January 2010, Rohit Talwar, Tim Hancock, Fast Future Research).

Special Thanks to Aaron Ross of PebbleStorm for his work on helping people find their unique genius.

Source: Florida Today

Frank DiBello, President of Space Florida, interviewed in Florida Today and talks about jobs, the space industry, New Space, and more.