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The XPRIZE foundation extends an invitation to the public for a program being hosted at its headquarters next Friday evening April 30th. Reservations are required.

Invite from our friends at The XPRIZE Foundation

We are having a “Tweetup” event at the X PRIZE Foundation on
Friday, April 30. We will be opening the doors to the public to
check out the X PRIZE offices, meet some of the staff
(including XPF president, Bob Weiss), and meet space explorer
Anousheh Ansari. Details for the event are available here:, and the direct link to the registration
page is Registration is free!

Would love to have any of the New Space crowd come join us —
please extend the invite if you think this is something that
this meetup group might be interested in!

Google Lunar X PRIZE


Is Pandora Possible?
A Discussion of the Science, Technology and Environmental Messages Behind AVATAR

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 8:00 PM
Beckman Auditorium
FREE; no tickets or reservations required

Presented By: Twentieth Century Fox and Caltech

James Cameron
Director, AVATAR

Jess F. Adkins
Associate Professor of Geochemistry and Global Environmental Science, Caltech

John P. Grotzinger
Fletcher Jones Professor of Geology, Caltech

Robert Hurt
Astronomer and Visualization Scientist for NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope

To commemorate the launch of AVATAR on Blu-ray and DVD, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Caltech will host this special presentation and panel about the science and technology behind cinema history’s box office champion. The discussion will include the film’s important environmental messaging and director James Cameron’s worldwide Earth Day initiative that is spearheading the planting of 1,000,000 new trees.

Presentation of select film clips from the Blu-ray release of AVATAR will be displayed on HD monitors. Panelists will discuss the creation and development of the most successful film in box office history, new technologies developed to create the film, and the story’s powerful environmental messaging and impact, which have been felt around the world.

Note: Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend that you arrive at least one hour prior to the event.

Expedition 23 Soyuz Rollout

Expedition 23 Soyuz Rollout

The Soyuz TMA-18 spacecraft arrived by train to the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Wednesday, March, 31, 2010. The launch of the Soyuz spacecraft with Expedition 23 Soyuz Commander Alexander Skvortsov, Flight Engineer Mikhail Kornienko and NASA Flight Engineer Tracy Caldwell Dyson is scheduled for Friday, April 2, 2010 at 12:04 a.m. Eastern.

Image Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Source: Trevor Wyse
Saturday, April 10th, 2010
10 Year Anniversary Celebration of …

The World Space Party
Human Spaceflight became a reality 45 years ago with the launch of a
bell-shaped capsule called “Vostok 1.” The capsule was carrying Soviet
Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who took his place in history as the first human to
leave the bounds of Earth and enter outer space.  This year over 100 parties
in 36 countries are joining together to celebrate this historic event. Click
here to see the events from around the world:

KILOWATTS – Live  (mothership, thoughtless, harmonious discord, PA)
QUADE – Live EP Release Set (bartek, bim tim, ball of waxx)
BRIAN SEED (moontribe, ball of wax, everytone)
JOHN KELLEY (ball of waxx)
ALIGNING MINDS – Live  (aleph zero, transistor, boltfish, DC)
THE GREAT MUNDANE  – Live  (run riot, psymbolic, Chicago)

Art Gallery curated by Michael Divine & Jimmy Bleyer:
Live paint & bodyart by Michael & Violet Divine:
Atmosphere’s by Adam Christoff & Blooming Sakura
Altars by Electric Cocoon
Raw Food by Living Art
Photo Booth by:
Tea Lounge by Om Shan Tea
Reiki Massage by Margot

$15 before 11pm – $20 after
10% of proceeds go to benefit the Temple of Visions art gallery
10pm til 5am
21 and over
Turbo Sound

*Space Station*
Area 33
11822 Teale St.
Culver City, 90230
Google Map:


KILOWATTS  (mothership, thoughtless, harmonious discord, PA)
James Watts is the mind behind KiloWatts and his many different projects and
styles. His first album  “Ground State” released on Native State Records,
home to fellow pioneers Bluetech and Shen.  It’s a collection of sweaty
psychedelic downtempo grooves, churning molasses-thick basslines, and
undulating synthetic sonorous mandalas,  a whirlwind of mindblowing digital
wizardry in the form of glitches and edits. His fluency in piano is evident
throughout his work which embraces the bulk of electronic genres including
breaks, idm,  downtempo and techno…
Interview with Kilowatts:

QUADE  (bartek, bim tim, ball of waxx)
***Celebrating the release of The QUADE Ep
Quade is mid-tempo dancefloor madness from the twisted minds of DJ’s Bartek
and Bim Tim, combining influences from breakbeat, dub, electro, hip hop, and
IDM. Bartek and Bim Tim’s musical chemistry was formed while rocking LA’s
underground music scene as members of Rootabreaka. During their live
-performance QUADE provides true entertainment with live scratching,
sampling, FX processing, on the fly mash-ups, and fluid mixing of their
original music. Look for QUADE’s new EP from Ball Of Waxx records on Itunes,
Addictech, and Beatport.

BRIAN SEED (moontribe, ball of wax, Everytone)
Brian Seed has built an international following over many years behind the
decks, from Moontribe desert parties to clubs and festivals around the
world, spinning breaks, acid house, trance, tribal, and progressive techno.
His sound is never pinned down to one style, but his ear is unique and dj
sets are unlike anyone else- often breaking down musical boundaries. He’s
also an accomplished music producer, sound designer, mixer, music supervisor
and composer for TV, films, video games and commercials, and is currently
working on a new studio album.

JOHN KELLEY (ball of waxx)
One of Moontribe’s original DJs, John initially made a name for himself as a
tribal breakbeat maven.  A heavy hitter in the global DJ circuit, touring
with Crystal Method and Orbital as their official DJ, John has earned his
badge over the years as an underground trendsetter. His tastes and talents
range across the BPM scale from tribal house and techno to hard psychedelic
breakbeat and uplifting progressive sounds and all the way down to ambient
and funky downtempo. Integrating all of these tastes with his DJ intuition,
John brings a unique sensitivity to electronic music. He knows how to move
the mind, body and soul.

ALIGNING MINDS  (aleph zero, transistor, boltfish, DC)
The Aligning Minds sound is melodic and bass heavy. It’s emotionally charged
future music that rides on hypnotic breakbeats, infectious basslines, dubby
soundscapes, and idm experimentation for one to dance or lounge to. They’ve
collaborated and performed with and alongside artists as varied as Edit,
OTT, Shen, Ana Cia, Kilowatts, Phuture Primitive, AMD and the list
continues. They are currently working on a full length album for Aleph Zero
Recordings and an EP for Native State Records.

THE GREAT MUNDANE (run riot, psymbolic, Chicago)
Shaped by a “Do It Yourself” culture, Jeffrey Acciaioli was driven by his
love of music to create the moniker The Great Mundane at first to only
satisfy himself. His broad range of favorites and training allow us to enjoy
his “one of a kind” sound that is anything but mundane. The twisting
textures, catchy drum whips, and unique soundscapes leave us with a melodic
collage that is unlike anything we’ve heard before. first introduced into
the Chicago music scene before taking his passion and energy nation wide,
international ears were soon falling upon his unique sounds and requesting
his talents.  The Great Mundane worked with Belladonna Records to release
two EP’s and shortly thereafter signed as an artist to release his debut
album “When Falls Arrive” with Psymbolic-sounds.

Cirque Founder Guy Laliberte to fly to Space Station


Simon Wiscombe offers an interesting take on the role of ART in Space in his article: “Space, the Disappearing Frontier

“Art must work together with science to peak public interest. Many of the explorations into space are purely for the sake of science, but there is no reason why the explorations into space can’t be used for the sake of art as well! There are so many examples of this becoming a reality.”

We at 62MileClub agree!

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